Hello, my dear friends 🙂

I am really sorry, because I stopped for a some time to write in my blog.  Now, I have a sufficient time, a lot of patience, and a big pleasure to write a new post 😉

I really hope, that you are good, and first of all – you are healthy. The situation in all the world is really sad, because of COVID-19. Now, what we can do, is just to stay home.

Because to know how is to appreciate something, first you have to lose it… Unfortunately, this is true…Today is the fourteenth day without handball. And what can I , certainly say, that I really miss handball. I miss the handball practices, handball matches, the atmosphere from the Train Hall. I miss to make open-air training, I miss a gym.

Here, I will put some photos, from our last official match, which we played against CSM Bucharest, a game in Romanian Championship. This game we lost by 1 goal. But I am really proud of my team, because we fought together until the end, and we supported each other in good and bad situations.

After that game, we were supposed to meet in the camp with Romanian National Team, in Ploiesti. But four hours before the meeting, we were warned, that the European Handball Federation has announced, that National Team matches organised by EHF will NOT be held, because of COVID-19 across the Europe and in order to protect the health and safety of players, coaches, officials and fans.


So, my teammate and my good friend, Raluca Bacaoanu  (I also call her “Bella”), invited me, to her home in Constanta. We spent there 10 days. It was really nice.

We were running on the beach:

Making a crazy ZUMBA training:

And also, Bella, now, she is a professional MAKE UP ARTIST, and she did an amazing make up for me: 

I had a really nice time in Constanta, together with Raluca’s family: her mother and her younger sister (her father and her younger brother, are working far away from them, on voyage on the seaside). Her family is really nice, and I am happy that I had a possibility to meet them 🙂


How I am in Ramnicu Valcea. Staying and making trainings at home.

I really hope that very soon, everything will be okey, everybody will stay healthy and together we can enjoy again our normal life. Wish you all the best. And remember: “Dreams have NOT been cancelled. Only delayed. Stay in it. Stay safe. Stay Focused.” (Tianna T.Bartoletta) 

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  1. Hello from Craiova Yuliya ??

    Great interview on Digisport. You are a great peeson and your beautiful soul se vede din vocea si din ochii tai ??

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