Recap-last season

Hello again to everyone 🙂 After almost one year and a half of a break it is time for a new post.

A lot of things has happened, a lot of good and necessary lessons were learned and understood.

It is already a year since I have returned to play in Romanian Championship and I am really happy to be home, in Romania, and to play for Gloria Bistrita. 

After one year playing in Bistrita I have extended my contract for one more season here, to continue doing my best together with the team and together to reach our goals. We had an interesting, not easy, strong and nice season in Romanian Championship, finishing it with the third place. 

We have incredible people, who were supporting us in Tera Plast Arena and who were travelling with us in every city we played away. We are grateful to have you.

Now Romania has a very strong championship, with balanced teams, who are fighting till the last second and you never know what can happen, who will win and who will lose.

So…. let’s remember how it all has started and what a journey I had during this season.

July : first photo with Bistrita’s equipment + mini camp in Colibita (Romania)

August : official photoshooting + Alice’s goodbye from handball  + friendly tournaments + a lot of work in the hall

September : the start of Romanian Championship  + Carpathy Trophy with the National Team

October : games + meeting my old but gold friend after 2 years + starting the preparation for the EURO with the National Team 

November : on our way to Macedonia + media call +  European Championship 2022

December : 2 days spending in Ukraine + coming back to work in Bistrita + official games + Christmas 

January : fast New Year + official games are back 

February : going fast to my brother’s birthday + a lot of work and official games 

March : National Team + friendly games against Ukraine, Gyor and happiness after a good working month

April : fast escape to Cluj + preparation with National Team + qualification games for the World Championship 

May : an amazing professional photoshooting + ceremony for the third place in Romanian Championship + Romanian Cup 4th place + the end of the season.

This year give me so much, so much of happiness, tears, a lot of sacrifices, meeting wonderful persons. I am looking forward to learn something new about myself, digging deep and seeing how far I can push myself.

I am grateful for everything and everyone during this season. For all your support, for nice messages of encouragement. For your warm hugs and words: “ keep going, we love you ”

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