Hello, vacantion ❤️

Hello, my dear friends!!!

Yesterday we finished our action with the national team. It was two, not so easy weeks with a lot of trainings, a lot of concentration, and a lot of motivation.
I am so happy that we won yesterday against Austria. We are qualified for the World Championship in Germany, which will be in December 2017.

It was not so easy season for me, with a lot of games and a great experience, but it was also a very nice and successful season.

I want to say thank you so much for all your support, your messages and comments….you are amazing…

Now it is time for me to rest a little bit. I will have free for 10 days and after I will start my preparation again.
I am now in Czech Republic, in Prague, I came here to visit my parents and to visit this beautiful, touristic city. I was waiting for this day for a long time.

I will stay here some days, I will wake up without an alarm and I will just enjoy my free days.

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Last and the most important week of preparation

Hello to everyone!!!?

Our second week in the national team has started. We will play 2 important games against Austria. We have three more days for trainings, because our first game we will play on 9 of June here in Oradea and the second game we will play in Stockerau, on 13 of June.
These games are very important for us, because we really want from all our heart and soul, to participate on the European Championship in Germany (winter 2017).
We are waiting for you on Friday at 20h00 o’clock at Antonio Alexa Hall in Oradea. We all need your support.
We want to stay healthy and we hope that everything will be ok.

Hai, Romania!!!

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Hello, my friends !!!

Welcome to my web-site, I am so excited and it is a big pleasure for me to be here , where I will tell you about my adventures, my experience, my career, my life.

This season is over and now I am in the preparation with the national team in Oradea. The season was not very easy, it was one balanced championship with a lot of interesting results. This 2016/2017 season we finished at the 4th place with 1 point away from the third place (Zalau) and 3 points away from the second place (Braila). But we qualified for the Final 4 of Romanian Cup. And we took there the 2nd place, which helps us to play in EHF Cup competition next season. We had not an easy way to Final Four. Our first game we played against Zalau, in Zalau, the second game we played against Braila, but at home. We were really lucky to play against Bistrita in the first semifinal and then to play a final game against CSM Bucharest.

We are happy, that we realized our aim, and now some of us are already in the vacations. The national teams players have two more weeks with trainings, because they have 2 qualification games for the World Championship in Germany 2017.

So, I have two more weeks to be motivated, to be focus and hard-working and after a hard and long season I will also have a nice holidays.

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