Qualifications EHF EURO 2018

Hello, my dear friends!!!
So happy to find some free time and to share with you something new from my life.
10 day’s camp with National Team #ROU is over. It was really good week for us. We started Women’s EHF EURO 2018 Qualification. We are in the group 4 with: Austria, Russia and Portugal. And the first 2 will go to the European Championship from France in 2018.
We played our first game against Austria in Ramnicu Valcea (Romania). The score was 36 x 25. The atmosphere was amazing. The hall was full. The fans were great.
Our second game we played against Portugal in Luso (Portugal). It was also a good game for us. The score was 32 x 16. We had also a great support in Portugal. There were a lot of Romanian people there. And of course, they came to see and to support us. It was really nice.

After a very long trip I finally arrived to Craiova and I will continue Romanian Championship with my team, SCM CRAIOVA. Hoping to stay healthy and to have together with my girls really good results ?

I am very thankful for all your support, I am happy and I wish you all the best ?

Hugs and kisses?

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National Team starts tomorrow

Hello, my friends?
How are you?
These four days I was in Baia Mare. I had a possibility to visit a little bit my second home, because tomorrow, 22 of September I have to be in Ramnicu Valcea. I will be in a camp with the National Team for 10 days. It is an honour and pleasure for me to train and to play with national team #ROU. I am happy to be a part of  this team again. We will play two official games against Austria (27 of September) and Portugal (1 of October). We want to stay healthy and to win these 2 games.
Thank you so much for all your support , I wish you all the best, hugs and kisses!!!

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Let’s start the Championship

Hello, my dear friends!!!
How are you?
Finally, I found some free time to write this article, and to share my last news.

Our first official game was a SuperCup game against CSM Bucharest, which we lost. It was an amazing atmosphere in the hall from Bucharest. It was a really nice experience for me, because I had a chance to play against the best players in the world.
At 6 of September we started a Romanian Championship.


We had already the first game at home, against Bistrita. We won by 6 goals. It was not an easy game , but we played good.
Tomorrow we will play our second game in Romanian Championship. We already arrived to Rm.Valcea, and at 17.30 we will have a training.
It will not be an easy game, but we are really motivated to play good and we really want to be happy and healthy after this game.

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?Craiova’s Cup 2017?

Hello, dear friends!!!

Our friendly tournaments are over. Yesterday we finished our third and last tournament “Craiova’s Cup”. We had 3 games, which all we won. It was a good test for us, but of course, we still have to work a lot, to be like we want to be.
Thanks a lot to my teammates, we played good , we had good defence, which helped me to be a BEST GOALKEEPER OF A TOURNAMENT.
We have just 14 days before the first official game. On 3rd of September we will start an official game of Super Cup against CSM Bucharest.
We want to stay healthy and we really believe that everything will be ok ??

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Soon long and new travelling

Hello, my friends!!!
It is really hot in Craiova, and how do you feel?
We had a good friendly tournament last week. We played three friendly games against Valcea, Zalau and Cisnadie. Everything was ?.

Today and tomorrow we will still training in Craiova, but we will travel again on Thursday in the morning. This time we will be on our way to Sannicolau Mare. We will play there our second friendly tournament. On Thursday at 19 we will play against HC Zalau. On Friday we will play against Hungarian team Siofok and on Saturday we will play also against team from Hungary Bekescsaba. It a great experience for our team to play this kind of games. We want to stay healthy and we really believe that everything will be good.

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Busy August

Hello, my dear friends!
On Saturday we finished our camp in Greece, which was not so easy. And we had free two days: Sunday and today. Tomorrow we will start our trainings in Craiova and on Thursday we will participate in the friendly tournament in Ramnicu Valcea. And we will also have two more friendly tournaments.
This period is very busy for us, with a lot of friendly games…because we will start very soon Romanian Championship. We want to stay healthy and we are just working, working and working.
And how are you, my friends? Do you like my new colour and my new haircut?

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SCM Craiova in ??

Hello, my dear friends!!!

How are you?
I am now in Greece, but not in a vacation.
I am with my club team SCM Craiova, because we have 10 days for a camp. We arrived on Wednesday and we will stay here until the 29 of July. This period is the hardest one, but I hope that everything will be ok. We have a lot of trainings here, and we have to work a lot, but of course, we are prepared, because we love that we do.
In 30 of July we will come back to Romania. And the August month will be very busy for us. We will play a lot of verification-friendly games. We want to stay healthy and we believe that we will have a lot of nice moments and results together.

Hai Craiova, hai SCM!!!⚪️?

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First preparation after holidays

Hello, my friends!

Yesterday we arrived to Spain, where we will train with national team until the 10 of July. We also will play 2 friendly game against Spain. We already had a training session yesterday, and after dinner we had a little bit of time to visit the sea. It was great. The water was so warm and the sky looked so nice. ???

It is very beautiful place. But we know that it is a preparation time with a team, not a holiday, and that we have to be more focused on our trainings.
Here down, you can see some photos from Lloret de Mar, Spain.
Have a nice day! ?

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Goodbye, vacation!?Hello, preparation!

Hello, dear friends!

My holidays are coming to an end. I had 2,5 weeks for fully recovery and now I am ready to start my preparation. Tomorrow I will go to Bucharest and we will start our first camp after vacation with a national team, which will be in Barcelona (Spain). We will be there for 10 days and we will have some verification games against Spain. It is a pleasure and an honour for me to be and to train with the national team. Can’t wait to meet my teammates and to enjoy together our preparation. I want to stay healthy and I hope that everything will be ok.

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Hi guys, how are you??

My mini-holiday in Prague is over and now I’m in Romania. It was very nice to visit my parents ,this beautiful country and a nice city. I spent my time visiting a beautiful places with my parents ,like: “The Karlov Bridge”, “Prague Castle”, etc.

I am so happy that I had a possibility to visit them, because with my sport life, I can see them only twice a year: on Christmas and on Easter ( of course, if I don’t have any competition in this period) ? These days passed so quickly. But my holidays are continuing until 1 July. These days I will be in my second home. I will be here with my second family.

I am and I will enjoy every single day, because life is beautiful.

Kisses and hugs!!!??

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