Nice performance for our team

Hello, my friends ??
I am really happy to have a free time and to share with you my last news.
First I will start with Romanian Championship: last game we played against CSM BUCHAREST. It was a hard game, against the best players from the world, but we played good until the last second, we fought  for every ball, we believed in ourselves and we won a game by 2 goals. Immediately after a game we started to travel to Tolyatti (Russia) to play against LADA in EHF CUP. It was a long and not so easy road. A lot of flights, waiting in the airports… And finally, after 24 hours, we arrived to Tolyatti. We rested good and we started a “war”. We fought until the end, we supported each other, and we made a big surprise: we eliminated LADA TOLYATTI in EHF CUP. (overall score was 48-49 for our team, SCM CRAIOVA). Now we are in the semifinals. We are so happy, it is really a nice performance for our team, our city, our country.
Now we have free 3-4 days, to rest a bit, because we had a lot of hard games, and because it is time to play the qualification for the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 with the National Team. On Sunday I will travel to Bucharest. I am so exited to be part of Romanian team again.
On Monday we will travel to TOLYATTI, again? We will play one game on 21 of March, against Russia there, and the second game we will play on 25 of March in Cluj.
Thank you a lot for all your support, for all your messages. I really appreciate it a lot❤️
Have a nice day, my friends, and we will keep in touch?

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  1. Congrats for this great result against Russia.
    And what a season for Craiova. Amazing. Good luck vs. Kastamonu!

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