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Hello and welcome again to my website. It took too much time for a new post. I am happy that together with your help, my dear friends, we have chosen a topic for it. And of course, it is about handball. 

I had a really nice experience with Romanian national team last month. It is always a special feeling, when you are on the field, singing a National Anthem, and fighting for the colours of the country which you represent. For me, it was the sixth international tournament. 

We were participating at the World Championship in Spain. For the first time, this championship was expanded from 24 teams to 32 teams. In the preliminary round we were playing with Iran, Kazakhstan (winning bought games), and the last game against Norway, which we lost.

In the main round we met Netherlands (losing by 1 goal), Puerto Rico (winning the game) and Sweden ( losing by 4 goals). 

After two years without supporters and playing  in the empty halls, finally, we were playing with the spectators. In the city we played, Castellón de la Plana, we had a big and the best support. A lot of people, who are living in Spain and Romania came to support us. The atmosphere was amazing. It was so nice to see our people with the Romanian flag and shouting RO-MA-NIA! They gave us a positive energy and they made us feel like we are playing at home.

We are so thankful for all your effort and all your support ❤️

We know that the final ranking and the place that we got (thirteenth place), is not satisfying us at all, but I just want to say, if we will keep working hard, supporting each other in the good and bad moments, if we will keep this group unity and team spirit, the good times and good results will come for sure. 

I am proud of our team, I believe in our team and I am very happy that I had a possibility to be a part of it again. 

I am writing this post already from Croatia. I came back here on Monday and started the preparation with a team. The second part will not be easy for us, but we will keep working and fighting to achieve our goals.

I wish you and your family happy winter holidays! May the New Year brings joy, peace, a lot of health, happiness, succes in all parts of your life – career, personal and love!

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