New experience has already started

Hello, my dear friends! 🙂

I hope that everything is good, you are healthy and enjoying this beautiful day.

As you know, I am playing now in Croatia, for RK Podravka Vegeta. This is my third week here. I am feeling good, I am healthy and everything is alright. We have officially started our preparation for the new season two weeks ago, on July 20.

In the first week, we were focused more on physical preparation and the medical tests. Two days we spent in Zagreb. We had a lot of different tests.

After running test
Getting ready for vertical jump tests

After tests in Zagreb, we have started, finally, our handball trainings <3

It was a very long period without handball ( 4,5 months) and now I am very happy that we can train normal with the balls, starting to play the game we love again.

We have a lot of trainings now. Usually, we have gym in the morning, (spinning + gym) and afternoon is handball practice.

Spinning time

And it is normal, because we have to be good prepared for a new season. On Thursday, we had a free day, and it was a team-building day. We were travelling to Plitvice Lakes National Park and we had a Kayak Break. It was really nice. We were enjoying our adventure along the Mreznica River for 3 hours. It was an amazing and new experience for me.

After that, we had a lunch and a meeting with one of our sponsors. We visited a Plitvice Holiday Resort, which is very nice. Great view, beautiful nature, and good vibes. Thank you so much for your hospitality. It was an amazing day together with a team, which will stay for a long in my memory.

Today is Sunday, and it is a day free. I am enjoying it, because tomorrow is already a new week and a lot of trainings to do.

I wish you a nice Sunday, together with your families and friends, stay safe! 🙂

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