Let’s start the Championship

Hello, my dear friends!!!
How are you?
Finally, I found some free time to write this article, and to share my last news.

Our first official game was a SuperCup game against CSM Bucharest, which we lost. It was an amazing atmosphere in the hall from Bucharest. It was a really nice experience for me, because I had a chance to play against the best players in the world.
At 6 of September we started a Romanian Championship.


We had already the first game at home, against Bistrita. We won by 6 goals. It was not an easy game , but we played good.
Tomorrow we will play our second game in Romanian Championship. We already arrived to Rm.Valcea, and at 17.30 we will have a training.
It will not be an easy game, but we are really motivated to play good and we really want to be happy and healthy after this game.

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