Hello 2019, thanks 2018

Hello, dear friends!

I am happy to write here again, my new post about my life. 

First of all I want to wish you a Happy New Year, with a lot of health and success and to say “THANK YOU A LOT” for all your support.


Unfortunately, we didn’t pass the 3rd round of EHF Cup, which we played against Ikast Håndbold, from Denmark. So, we ended our road in EHF CUP. They are a really good team, and I am sure that they will go far in this competition. 

After our last game in EHF Cup, we didn’t have a time to rest. Me and another players, we went to the National Team. We have started the preparation for the European 2018 Championship from France. We have played two friendly games, on Carpathian Trophy, with Serbia and Romania B team.

After having a one day free, we traveled to France, to Brest. We started this competition very good, playing and winning three games in the group. We played against Czech Republic, Germany and Norway.

After, we played three more games, in Nancy, with Holland, Spain and Hungary. Winning only the one, against Spain. The last game, against Hungary was very difficult for us, because we also lost our captain, Cristina Neagu. (injured)?

I wish her, from all my heart, a lot of health and a good recovery. ♥️

After these games, we, Romania and Holland passed to the semifinals. We went to Paris. In the semifinal we met, Russia, a very good team, who reached the second place in this tournament. For the places 3-4, we have played again, against Holland. The atmosphere was amazing, it was great to play in the full hall, with 15.000 of persons.

We reached the 4th place in this European Championship.

It was an amazing experience for me. I am really proud of my team, because we fought until the end, and we had a great team spirit.


After we came home, in Romania, I had 10 days of holidays. I was three days at my home, in Baia Mare and after I stayed one week in Prague. I came to visit my parents. It was great.

My holidays have ended on 26 of December, and on 27, I was already in Ramnicu Valcea. On 28-29 of December we had three friendly games, with Slatina, Buzau and Brașov.

It was an amazing 2018, thank you, a lot, for all the victories and lessons.

I am so happy and proud.

Today we have started our preparation with a team, SCM Râmnicu Vâlcea. We had 4 days of mini-holidays. We are preparing now, for our first game in the Romanian Championship, which will be on Thursday, 10th of January, against U Cluj.

Hope to stay healthy, because the Romanian Championship is very long, and we have a lot of things to do, together with my team.

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