Happiness and pleasure for handball

Hello to everybody 🙂

I am here again. As you know, one month ago, we have started the new handball season 2020-2021. It is a big happiness and pleasure to be on the court again. After a lot of friendly games in August, the competition has already started at the beginning of September. We have played already 3 games in Champions League and 2 games in Croatian Championship.

Last week we had a National Team week in Craiova (Romania). It was great to be a part of Romanian National Team and to see my teammates again after such a long time. We did a great job, with a lot of trainings and some tests. The European Championship 2020 is coming closer and closer.

On Monday, in the morning, a long trip to Croatia was waiting for me. But everything was good and I have arrived to Koprivnica in the evening. One training with a team on Tuesday and next day, on Wednesday, we had a game against Lokomotiva Zagreb. It was a really derby match, but I am happy that, together, we did a good job, we are healthy and getting ready for the next official games.

This Sunday we had to play the game in Champions League, against Valcea, in Romania. But unfortunately, because of the COVID-2019 situation, the game was postponed. Today it was a free Sunday for me, and with this occasion, I have decided to write a new post.

Our next game will be on Sunday, 18th of October, in Champions League against Odense. I hope that you had an amazing Sunday. I wish you to have a nice evening and a good week starting from tomorrow 😉

Stay safe, healthy and be happy 🙂

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