Unexpected stay in Bucharest

Hello, dear friends ?

First of all, I would like to say thank you so much for all your support and sweet messages ❤️

As you already understood, I am still in isolation in the hotel, in Bucharest. 

This unexpected situation has happened on Saturday, before evening training. I was feeling bad, having a fever and couldn’t move my body. First, I was thinking it is because of the tiredness and because it was very cold for me in the airplane. But after the fast antigen test, it was immediately POSITIVE. My first reaction was big shock and the thoughts: how, where and when? 

For two years Covid-19 was avoiding me, even if my parents, my sister and 80% of my friends already fell ill. But now it was my turn…

So, unfortunately, I couldn’t play on Sunday a Champion’s League game against CSM Bucharest. Honestly, I was waiting this match all year, because it is always a special feeling for me to play in front of Romanian supporters.

But the life has decided otherwise…

Thankfully, I am doing well, every day I am felling better and better. I am very lucky that I have amazing persons around me in Romania and all over the world, who were calling and asking about my health and if I need something every day. 

Thank you so much ❤️

On Friday I will come back to Croatia. We still have a lot of games to play. Health is very important, so please, take care of yourself.

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Amazing weekend, amazing place, amazing persons

Hello my dear friends 🙂

I hope that you are good, healthy and full of good energy. As you know, I am at home now, in Baia Mare, enjoying my summer holidays with my Romanian family. I am so blessed to have them in my life. Last weekend I had a possibility to visit Colibita. It is an amazing place, not so far from Baia Mare. The place is really amazing: fresh air, so beautiful view to the lake, nature and mountains. I am really in love with this place.

The weather was really good here. The sun was shinning so bright, and of course, we had a time to get some tan during these days.

It was a really good moment for relax after a hard week of trainings. As I was thinking before, my favourite place for relaxing is the sea part, but now I can surely say that I like the mountain part too. I have discovered a really nice place and for sure it will stay in my mind for a long time.

So the last week of my summer holidays have started. On Sunday I will travel to Croatia and I will start a new chapter in my career. Until then, I will enjoy every single moments with my family, my friends.

And how are you? How are you spending your summer holidays? Do you like more sea or mountains? 😉

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Hello, my dear friends 🙂

I am really sorry, because I stopped for a some time to write in my blog.  Now, I have a sufficient time, a lot of patience, and a big pleasure to write a new post 😉

I really hope, that you are good, and first of all – you are healthy. The situation in all the world is really sad, because of COVID-19. Now, what we can do, is just to stay home.

Because to know how is to appreciate something, first you have to lose it… Unfortunately, this is true…Today is the fourteenth day without handball. And what can I , certainly say, that I really miss handball. I miss the handball practices, handball matches, the atmosphere from the Train Hall. I miss to make open-air training, I miss a gym.

Here, I will put some photos, from our last official match, which we played against CSM Bucharest, a game in Romanian Championship. This game we lost by 1 goal. But I am really proud of my team, because we fought together until the end, and we supported each other in good and bad situations.

After that game, we were supposed to meet in the camp with Romanian National Team, in Ploiesti. But four hours before the meeting, we were warned, that the European Handball Federation has announced, that National Team matches organised by EHF will NOT be held, because of COVID-19 across the Europe and in order to protect the health and safety of players, coaches, officials and fans.


So, my teammate and my good friend, Raluca Bacaoanu  (I also call her “Bella”), invited me, to her home in Constanta. We spent there 10 days. It was really nice.

We were running on the beach:

Making a crazy ZUMBA training:

And also, Bella, now, she is a professional MAKE UP ARTIST, and she did an amazing make up for me: 

I had a really nice time in Constanta, together with Raluca’s family: her mother and her younger sister (her father and her younger brother, are working far away from them, on voyage on the seaside). Her family is really nice, and I am happy that I had a possibility to meet them 🙂


How I am in Ramnicu Valcea. Staying and making trainings at home.

I really hope that very soon, everything will be okey, everybody will stay healthy and together we can enjoy again our normal life. Wish you all the best. And remember: “Dreams have NOT been cancelled. Only delayed. Stay in it. Stay safe. Stay Focused.” (Tianna T.Bartoletta) 

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Batteries are recharged

Hello, my friends ?

It is my last week of vacation. And I decided to share with you, how I spent it.

In the first week of my vacation, I had a possibility to be a Brand Ambassador of EBT Finals, in Baia Mare. It was great?. I met a lot of nice persons at  this event, from all the world. It was an amazing experience for me. It was a big honour for me, to be a part of this event❤️

Thanks a lot, Tudor Marta, for the invitation?

Next 10 days, I was with my family, in Spain, Malaga.

We decided to go together to the sea, because our last vacation, together, was 10 years ago, when I was 12? Unfortunately, we can see each other, together, only twice per year: on Christmas, and when I have summer holidays. That’s why, I wanted to spent my time, with the persons I love the most ?‍?‍?‍?

A big “THANKS”, to our uncle Igor, and his family, (wife and daughter), for accepting us in their house, for showing us a nice places, and for making this holidays, the greatest adventure holidays??

My last week of vacation, I spent in Ukraine?

I had a really great vacation. Now I am feeling recharged and ready to get back to work with my team SCM Ramnicu Valcea.

Thank you so much for all your support, even in a vacation, I am getting a lot of nice messages from all of you?

See you soon ???

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Summer time

Hello, my friends!!! 🙂
How are you?
I am good, enjoying every single day of a summer. I am now in Romania, in Baia Mare.
I want to share with you, how I spent my free time. After the national team, me and my sister, we decided to go to Ukraine, to our home city. We wanted to visit our grandparents, which are living there. We didn’t see them for 2 years, that’s why, it was a time to go to Ukraine. We stayed there for 5 days. We had a great time together.

After this, we finally arrived to Prague, in Czech Republic.




The main reason, why I decided to go for my holidays there, are my parents. We can see them only twice per year: on Christmas and on summer holidays?
Me and my sister, we stayed there for 10 days.


Prague is a really nice city, but the nicest thing was, that we spent those days with our parents, because for a moment, they are living and working there. We spoke a lot, we walked a lot, we laughed a lot, we just enjoyed our time together.

Now we are in Baia Mare. I will spent my last week of vacation here. Time flies, that’s why I am enjoying every day of my summer vacation.
And how are you? How are you spending your summer holidays??

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Autumn in Craiova??

Good evening, my dear friends!!!
How are you?
Did the autumn come to you too??

In Craiova it is already autumn, but it is still warm outside. Our green lands changed into an array of stunning colors. You can see a lot of yellow, green, red and brown leaves here. Today I had a free day and because the weather was very good, I decided to make a little walk. I decided to visit Nicolae Romanescu’s park. It is my second year here in Craiova, and it was only my second visit to this beautiful place. It was a really nice day for me. It was like recharging for me. Nature, trees, sky, nice views. I like it so much.

And what about you? Do you like autumn???

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Hi guys, how are you??

My mini-holiday in Prague is over and now I’m in Romania. It was very nice to visit my parents ,this beautiful country and a nice city. I spent my time visiting a beautiful places with my parents ,like: “The Karlov Bridge”, “Prague Castle”, etc.

I am so happy that I had a possibility to visit them, because with my sport life, I can see them only twice a year: on Christmas and on Easter ( of course, if I don’t have any competition in this period) ? These days passed so quickly. But my holidays are continuing until 1 July. These days I will be in my second home. I will be here with my second family.

I am and I will enjoy every single day, because life is beautiful.

Kisses and hugs!!!??

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