New season starts next week

Hi, guys 🙂

One month and a half passed since we have started our preparation with the team Gloria 2018 Bistrita-Nasaud. And we are closer and closer to start officially the new season.
This period we had full of everything: testing, running, gym, team buildings, handball practices, travelling, short action with National Team and friendly games.

We played 3 tournaments in 3 different cities: Bistrita, Brasov and Debrecen.
We also had a nice team’s photoshoot.

I spent my birthday with the team travelling to Hungary, Debrecen. We had a training there and after the team has surprised me with a cake. It was so nice, I am grateful for it.

Now we are based in Bistrita, working and improving the things together every single day. This time flies extremely fast. Next Wednesday we will already play our first game in Romanian League. It will be an interesting championship, with a lot of balanced teams with a hunger of fighting and winning.
Let’s enjoy and fight together till the end, let’s go team ❤️

And which team you will support this year? 🙂

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Recap-last season

Hello again to everyone 🙂 After almost one year and a half of a break it is time for a new post.

A lot of things has happened, a lot of good and necessary lessons were learned and understood.

It is already a year since I have returned to play in Romanian Championship and I am really happy to be home, in Romania, and to play for Gloria Bistrita. 

After one year playing in Bistrita I have extended my contract for one more season here, to continue doing my best together with the team and together to reach our goals. We had an interesting, not easy, strong and nice season in Romanian Championship, finishing it with the third place. 

We have incredible people, who were supporting us in Tera Plast Arena and who were travelling with us in every city we played away. We are grateful to have you.

Now Romania has a very strong championship, with balanced teams, who are fighting till the last second and you never know what can happen, who will win and who will lose.

So…. let’s remember how it all has started and what a journey I had during this season.

July : first photo with Bistrita’s equipment + mini camp in Colibita (Romania)

August : official photoshooting + Alice’s goodbye from handball  + friendly tournaments + a lot of work in the hall

September : the start of Romanian Championship  + Carpathy Trophy with the National Team

October : games + meeting my old but gold friend after 2 years + starting the preparation for the EURO with the National Team 

November : on our way to Macedonia + media call +  European Championship 2022

December : 2 days spending in Ukraine + coming back to work in Bistrita + official games + Christmas 

January : fast New Year + official games are back 

February : going fast to my brother’s birthday + a lot of work and official games 

March : National Team + friendly games against Ukraine, Gyor and happiness after a good working month

April : fast escape to Cluj + preparation with National Team + qualification games for the World Championship 

May : an amazing professional photoshooting + ceremony for the third place in Romanian Championship + Romanian Cup 4th place + the end of the season.

This year give me so much, so much of happiness, tears, a lot of sacrifices, meeting wonderful persons. I am looking forward to learn something new about myself, digging deep and seeing how far I can push myself.

I am grateful for everything and everyone during this season. For all your support, for nice messages of encouragement. For your warm hugs and words: “ keep going, we love you ”

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New post after long time

Hello and welcome again to my website. It took too much time for a new post. I am happy that together with your help, my dear friends, we have chosen a topic for it. And of course, it is about handball. 

I had a really nice experience with Romanian national team last month. It is always a special feeling, when you are on the field, singing a National Anthem, and fighting for the colours of the country which you represent. For me, it was the sixth international tournament. 

We were participating at the World Championship in Spain. For the first time, this championship was expanded from 24 teams to 32 teams. In the preliminary round we were playing with Iran, Kazakhstan (winning bought games), and the last game against Norway, which we lost.

In the main round we met Netherlands (losing by 1 goal), Puerto Rico (winning the game) and Sweden ( losing by 4 goals). 

After two years without supporters and playing  in the empty halls, finally, we were playing with the spectators. In the city we played, Castellón de la Plana, we had a big and the best support. A lot of people, who are living in Spain and Romania came to support us. The atmosphere was amazing. It was so nice to see our people with the Romanian flag and shouting RO-MA-NIA! They gave us a positive energy and they made us feel like we are playing at home.

We are so thankful for all your effort and all your support ❤️

We know that the final ranking and the place that we got (thirteenth place), is not satisfying us at all, but I just want to say, if we will keep working hard, supporting each other in the good and bad moments, if we will keep this group unity and team spirit, the good times and good results will come for sure. 

I am proud of our team, I believe in our team and I am very happy that I had a possibility to be a part of it again. 

I am writing this post already from Croatia. I came back here on Monday and started the preparation with a team. The second part will not be easy for us, but we will keep working and fighting to achieve our goals.

I wish you and your family happy winter holidays! May the New Year brings joy, peace, a lot of health, happiness, succes in all parts of your life – career, personal and love!

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Happiness and pleasure for handball

Hello to everybody 🙂

I am here again. As you know, one month ago, we have started the new handball season 2020-2021. It is a big happiness and pleasure to be on the court again. After a lot of friendly games in August, the competition has already started at the beginning of September. We have played already 3 games in Champions League and 2 games in Croatian Championship.

Last week we had a National Team week in Craiova (Romania). It was great to be a part of Romanian National Team and to see my teammates again after such a long time. We did a great job, with a lot of trainings and some tests. The European Championship 2020 is coming closer and closer.

On Monday, in the morning, a long trip to Croatia was waiting for me. But everything was good and I have arrived to Koprivnica in the evening. One training with a team on Tuesday and next day, on Wednesday, we had a game against Lokomotiva Zagreb. It was a really derby match, but I am happy that, together, we did a good job, we are healthy and getting ready for the next official games.

This Sunday we had to play the game in Champions League, against Valcea, in Romania. But unfortunately, because of the COVID-2019 situation, the game was postponed. Today it was a free Sunday for me, and with this occasion, I have decided to write a new post.

Our next game will be on Sunday, 18th of October, in Champions League against Odense. I hope that you had an amazing Sunday. I wish you to have a nice evening and a good week starting from tomorrow 😉

Stay safe, healthy and be happy 🙂

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New experience has already started

Hello, my dear friends! 🙂

I hope that everything is good, you are healthy and enjoying this beautiful day.

As you know, I am playing now in Croatia, for RK Podravka Vegeta. This is my third week here. I am feeling good, I am healthy and everything is alright. We have officially started our preparation for the new season two weeks ago, on July 20.

In the first week, we were focused more on physical preparation and the medical tests. Two days we spent in Zagreb. We had a lot of different tests.

After running test
Getting ready for vertical jump tests

After tests in Zagreb, we have started, finally, our handball trainings <3

It was a very long period without handball ( 4,5 months) and now I am very happy that we can train normal with the balls, starting to play the game we love again.

We have a lot of trainings now. Usually, we have gym in the morning, (spinning + gym) and afternoon is handball practice.

Spinning time

And it is normal, because we have to be good prepared for a new season. On Thursday, we had a free day, and it was a team-building day. We were travelling to Plitvice Lakes National Park and we had a Kayak Break. It was really nice. We were enjoying our adventure along the Mreznica River for 3 hours. It was an amazing and new experience for me.

After that, we had a lunch and a meeting with one of our sponsors. We visited a Plitvice Holiday Resort, which is very nice. Great view, beautiful nature, and good vibes. Thank you so much for your hospitality. It was an amazing day together with a team, which will stay for a long in my memory.

Today is Sunday, and it is a day free. I am enjoying it, because tomorrow is already a new week and a lot of trainings to do.

I wish you a nice Sunday, together with your families and friends, stay safe! 🙂

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Happy end

Hello, my friends!?

This season is over and I decided to write a new post on my blog.

It was a really hard, but also a nice and successful season. It was a year with a lot of emotions, stress, but also happiness.

We won SuperCup of Romania.??

We have played a final of Romanian Cup with CSM Bucharest, loosing by 1 goal.?

And…..we won a Romanian Championship.??

I want to say thanks, first of all to my teammates. We were trying to make our best job in the field. Thanks a lot to our amazing fans, which were supported us wherever we played. Thanks a lot to people, who were staying at home, but were thinking and supporting us in a front of TV.

It was an experience, which I will never forget.

I am happy to have a possibility to play in the Champions League next season, together with SCM Rm.Valcea. But about this we will speak a little bit later.?

But now, it is a time for vacation. For me, after 3 of June. Because I have an honour again, to play for the Romanian National Team.

One more time, thanks to everyone for your support and see you in July.


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Hello 2019, thanks 2018

Hello, dear friends!

I am happy to write here again, my new post about my life. 

First of all I want to wish you a Happy New Year, with a lot of health and success and to say “THANK YOU A LOT” for all your support.


Unfortunately, we didn’t pass the 3rd round of EHF Cup, which we played against Ikast Håndbold, from Denmark. So, we ended our road in EHF CUP. They are a really good team, and I am sure that they will go far in this competition. 

After our last game in EHF Cup, we didn’t have a time to rest. Me and another players, we went to the National Team. We have started the preparation for the European 2018 Championship from France. We have played two friendly games, on Carpathian Trophy, with Serbia and Romania B team.

After having a one day free, we traveled to France, to Brest. We started this competition very good, playing and winning three games in the group. We played against Czech Republic, Germany and Norway.

After, we played three more games, in Nancy, with Holland, Spain and Hungary. Winning only the one, against Spain. The last game, against Hungary was very difficult for us, because we also lost our captain, Cristina Neagu. (injured)?

I wish her, from all my heart, a lot of health and a good recovery. ♥️

After these games, we, Romania and Holland passed to the semifinals. We went to Paris. In the semifinal we met, Russia, a very good team, who reached the second place in this tournament. For the places 3-4, we have played again, against Holland. The atmosphere was amazing, it was great to play in the full hall, with 15.000 of persons.

We reached the 4th place in this European Championship.

It was an amazing experience for me. I am really proud of my team, because we fought until the end, and we had a great team spirit.


After we came home, in Romania, I had 10 days of holidays. I was three days at my home, in Baia Mare and after I stayed one week in Prague. I came to visit my parents. It was great.

My holidays have ended on 26 of December, and on 27, I was already in Ramnicu Valcea. On 28-29 of December we had three friendly games, with Slatina, Buzau and Brașov.

It was an amazing 2018, thank you, a lot, for all the victories and lessons.

I am so happy and proud.

Today we have started our preparation with a team, SCM Râmnicu Vâlcea. We had 4 days of mini-holidays. We are preparing now, for our first game in the Romanian Championship, which will be on Thursday, 10th of January, against U Cluj.

Hope to stay healthy, because the Romanian Championship is very long, and we have a lot of things to do, together with my team.

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Extremely hard but successful week

Hello again, my dear friends!

I feel happy to write a new post about my sport life.

We had an extremely difficult week. On Tuesday we played away against CSM BUCHAREST, a game which we, SCM RAMNICU VALCEA won. It was a very hard game against the champions of Romania, but we showed a good attitude on the court, and we won this game.

Yesterday, we started to play a competition in EHF Cup, against Turkish team KASTAMONU. It was a really hard game. But we, fought a lot, and we won this game by 9 goals. The atmosphere was amazing, we have great supporters here.

Now, we don’t have a lot of time for recovery, because tomorrow, we will play a game in Romanian Championship, at home, against Galati. On Friday, we will travel to Turkey, because on Sunday we will play our second game in the EHF Cup, for the qualification in the 3rd round.

I am really proud of my girls, because I like our team spirit. I want to say “thank you” for all your support. Hope to stay healthy, to keep working and to go only forward.

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Good results until now

Hello, my friends ?

I finally have a time to write a new post.

A new season has started for me in a new team and in a new city. 

SCM RAMNICU VALCEA is now my new club. We had  busy 2 months of preparation and friendly tournaments in July and August. 

Our first official game, we played a SUPERCUP OF ROMANIA with CSM BUCHAREST. We were united and we supported each other every moments and we….won this game. It was very hard game, which we played 80 minutes. Yes, 2 times of 30 minutes, like in a normal game, and 4 more periods of 5 minutes. It was a crazy game. But we are happy, that now a SUPERCUP is in Ramnicu Valcea. 

One week later after the SUPERCUP, we started a Romanian Championship. Until now we have played 4 games.

Our first game we played away in Buzau. Our second game we played against Craiova. Hard game against my ex-team. Our third game we played in Baia Mare. I came back to my “second home”, but this time like an opponent. And the fourth game, we played yesterday against Zalau.

Four games=four wins???

We are working together very hard, like a real team. Now we have 2 days of mini-vacation, because on Sunday, we have to be in Bucharest, for the next preparation with the Romanian National Team. 

Happy to be healthy and happy that we have 2 free days. These days I will enjoy with a pleasure, because it is the last days  of a sun and the warm.

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SCM Rm.Valcea-new team, same goals

Hello, my friends ?
It is a time to share with you my last news. I am now in Ramnicu Valcea. I am trying to accommodate myself here in a new team and everything is going good? The girls are really nice and they are helping me a lot.

This weekend we had an international friendly tournament here in Valcea. We played against Braila, Zalau and Békéscsaba. We had a really important, but not so easy games. But we are happy that we were united, we played like a team, we supported each other and we won all these three games. This Sunday will be free for us.
And from Monday we will have the last week of preparation before the first official game. On Saturday, 25 of August, we will play a Super Cup game against CSM Bucharest. It will be a hard game for our team, but we want to play good and to make a good game against them.

Hope, that we will stay healthy and to make also a good performance here, for SCM Ramnicu Valcea ??

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