Batteries are recharged

Hello, my friends ?

It is my last week of vacation. And I decided to share with you, how I spent it.

In the first week of my vacation, I had a possibility to be a Brand Ambassador of EBT Finals, in Baia Mare. It was great?. I met a lot of nice persons at  this event, from all the world. It was an amazing experience for me. It was a big honour for me, to be a part of this event❤️

Thanks a lot, Tudor Marta, for the invitation?

Next 10 days, I was with my family, in Spain, Malaga.

We decided to go together to the sea, because our last vacation, together, was 10 years ago, when I was 12? Unfortunately, we can see each other, together, only twice per year: on Christmas, and when I have summer holidays. That’s why, I wanted to spent my time, with the persons I love the most ?‍?‍?‍?

A big “THANKS”, to our uncle Igor, and his family, (wife and daughter), for accepting us in their house, for showing us a nice places, and for making this holidays, the greatest adventure holidays??

My last week of vacation, I spent in Ukraine?

I had a really great vacation. Now I am feeling recharged and ready to get back to work with my team SCM Ramnicu Valcea.

Thank you so much for all your support, even in a vacation, I am getting a lot of nice messages from all of you?

See you soon ???

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